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Our law firm has been providing legal services with regard to estate planning and probate for over 40 years. Preparing a Will is one of the most important steps an individual can take to make sure that his/her assets are distributed upon death to the persons or places intended. Without a Will, the laws of intestate succession will determine how the assets are distributed. The intestate laws may not necessarily coincide with your wishes. In addition to a Will, most people should also consider preparing Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney to select the individuals you would like to make your financial and medical decisions, in the event you are not capable of doing so. Preparation of Powers of Attorney can also avoid the need to file guardianship proceedings. At Mignini, Raab, Demuth & Murahari, LLP we can provide you with the entire estate planning package you need!

Upon death, estate administration (probate) can be a very demanding job for the persons appointed in a Will as Personal Representative. Our firm handles estates throughout the State of Maryland and can assist the Personal Representative in meeting the duties and responsibilities of probating an estate.

Please contact us today you would like to discuss preparing a Will or Powers of Attorney, making changes to your existing documents, or if you need help in estate administration (probate). We look forward to hearing from you!