Do You Have An Upcoming Social Security Disability Hearing?

After you have been denied at both the initial and reconsideration levels, the next level of appeal is filing a request for a hearing before an administrative law judge (ALJ).  There are generally three options for how hearings are held:

  1. Telephone
  2. Video teleconference
  3. In-person

Pros and Cons of Social Security Appeal Formats

Each option has its pros and cons.  At Mignini, Raab, Demuth & Murahari, we will thoroughly explain what these options are and provide you with professional advice as to choosing the best option.  Part of this analysis weighs heavily on where you are located as some jurisdictions are more liberal than others. 

If you live in Maryland, you may have your hearing before Judges in Baltimore, Washington D.C., Dover, Delaware, Norfolk, or even in National Hearing Center locations throughout the country. This is because Social Security Disability is a federal entitlement program. In general, your hearing will occur in the hearing office closest to you.      

If you have received your hearing notice, including the name of the administrative law judge for your hearing, below is a link for the disposition data for all ALJs throughout the country (CLICK ON FILTER AND ENTER JUDGE’S NAME).  With such data, you can determine the approval and denial percentage for the judge whom you will appear before. 

Click here.

Why Mignini, Raab, Demuth & Murahari?

Our firm tailors our hearing preparation not just based on the medical evidence in a case, but also on which judge is assigned to hear the case.  We have extensive experience appearing before ALJs in numerous jurisdictions throughout the country, and our familiarity with local judges is a major benefit to our clients. 

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Mignini, Raab, Demuth & Murahari, LLP primarily concentrates our practice in the area of Social Security Disability law. When a claimant is wrongfully denied at the initial, reconsideration, administrative law judge, and appeals council levels, their only recourse is to file a federal court appeal. Our firm has handled these complex federal court appeals for over 35 years. This one-of-a-kind experience puts us in the best position to assist you at each level of the disability process. To learn more about the process or get started on your Social Security disability claim contact us today.